March 30, 2019

I know our guests have been waiting to see a fishing report on a more regular basis but to be honest, it would get redundant saying every week “fishing is excellent”.  I jest but not too much.

The most interesting topic would normally be about fishing but the weather has played more of an impact for the first month of the season.   We have had a very cool and wet start to the season.  Most days have not been over 65 degrees with mist, rain, thunder storms and even hail one day.  There were the random sunny days mixed in  but they were the minimum not the maximum.  However, the excellent fishing took the edge off of the soggy weather and made it tolerable.

Walleye fishing has been nothing short of fantastic.  Reefs have really kicked in big time.  If a guest takes the time to find the reefs we identify to them, they will catch a lot of fish.   (And without sounding over the top, we mean A LOT of fish).   There are still a number of points and shore lines that are good especially if the wind is blowing in to that particular point or shore line, but reefs are the yanking spots for sure.  Weed lines are also in full swing now that the weeds are peaking near the surface.    No matter what location or structure you are fishing, the best approach for Walleyes is a jig & minnow combination.  Leeches and Nightcrawlers are also working but not as fast as minnows.   If you have fished with us in the past, you may know that we make our own gold glitter jigs and they continue to produce more fish on average than most other colors.

We are now experiencing our Mayfly hatch but it has not seemed to make a difference with the quality of the Walleye or Pike bite.  Just has a reference, Linda and I were out Walleye fishing this past Friday evening and our boat had a number of traveling visitors (mayflies) hanging on to our boat.  We first thought it might be a tough bite as the Walleyes might be gorging on Mayflies.  However, in a short 1 1/2 hours timeframe, Linda and I boated nearly 70 Walleyes.

Pike have also been very active especially when the sun does decide to pop out.  We had a 44 1/2 inch brute of a Pike caught last week and it was a tremendous looking fish.   Mepps spinners, Rattle Traps, Johnson Silver Minnows, and Cleo spoons are working the best.  Perch colors and Blue/Silver color combination always work the best.

On a non-fishing  topic, we thought we would mention that our pet fox’ (plural) are still coming in to visit everyday.  Sly has been with us for 2 1/2 years and will come right in and take food out of your hand.     She runs after our golf cart because she knows we are heading down to the dock and will have food ready.  Our second fox was here in the past but never really came in to visit on a regular basis until lately.  She now knows that food is easy and is coming more often.  We have not named our second fox as of yet but will have to soon.  They are great to have around and our guests love feeding them.

That is all for now.  Have to get down to the dock and hear more great fishing stories.

We hope we hear from our guests so please comment or ask questions on this blog post.

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