It is hard to believe that it is nearing the end of July and that we are half way through our fishing season already. I guess when you are catching lots of fish, time flies by quickly.
In regards to recent fishing quality here at Stormer Lake Lodge, the most common comment we hear from our guests is that the fishing is “INSANE”. As Stormer Lake Lodge owners, we sometimes find it difficult to describe the fishing without sounding like we are bragging or being redundant from week to week. However, when most guests are catching 50 to 150 Walleyes each day, or 25 to 75 Pike each day, we believe it is worth talking about.
We have been experiencing warm weather here at the lodge the past few days similar to everyone South of us(everyone is South of us) but fortunately the fishing has not slowed down. Walleyes went deeper for a few days such as 25-30 feet but have now started to show up in a more normal depth of 16-24 feet. Underwater reefs and deeper points have been the best location for Walleyes and when you find them, it is “game on”. We continue to find new reefs each week and they all are producing good numbers of Eyes. These reefs are easy to find for our guests so it is not difficult to catch lots of fish and not far from the lodge. The preferred bait has been our frozen minnows but Nightcrawlers and leeches have also worked very well. Our gold and chartreuse glitter jigs that we exclusively make (thanks Mark & Danny) and use here at Stormer are killer for Walleyes. We have been using them for approx. 6-8 years now and know they catch more fish than most other colored jigs.

Pike have also been very active with many in the 32-38 inch class. Last week we had 3 Pike over 40 inches and they were all very heavy fish in girth. Rattle Traps are still our favorite lure but Spinner baits and Johnson Silver Minnow are close seconds. Most of the big Pike as of late have been caught close to Walleye locations. While we are still catching Pike along the weeds in good numbers, the bigger Pike are hanging out on the deeper drops.
We would like to take a moment to mention one special guest who has been fishing with us these past 3 weeks and is now finishing up his 4th and final week here at Stormer. Garrett is 92 years young and lost his wife a few years back. He decided to fulfill one of his bucket list items and that was to fish in Canada. He was only going to fish Canada for one year and then move on to other bucket list items but needless to say, this is his 3rd year fishing with us. Garrett has been fishing each day with our guide Mike and I believe they have caught between 3500 and 4000 Walleyes so far on this trip. His first words about the fishing this year was that it was “Insane”. Hmmm, wonder where I heard that description before?

We look forward to hearing from our previous guests, or potential new guests, so post your comments or questions here on our blog.

That is all for now.

Remember, it is not “Fishing” at Stormer Lake Lodge, it is “Catching”. (or as some guests have stated “Yanking”)

Dave & Linda


  1. Thanks for the report Dave. I am still suffering from post-Stormer Lake Lodge depression and am looking forward to next year already. After fishing at Stormer, I can’t get excited to fish back here in WI. You ruined me :).

    God Bless you Garrett and best wishes with the rest of your bucket list. We were there during your 2nd week and you are an amazing person with a tremendous outlook on life. You are one of a kind. Thanks again for letting us fish your name-sake reef :).

    I still look back at my son Joeys’ 41″ Pike from our trip which beat his 40″ Pike from the old resort on his 1st ever trip to Canada. We learned a lot from our 1st trip to SLL. It was more catching that fishing, just as advertised. I can’t even imagine what next year will bring arriving day 1 armed with the knowledge we now have.

    Thanks to Mark too for sharing information with me via email like he did prior to our trip to the old resort.

    Best of luck on the rest of the season and Thanks Again for what was an amazing trip.

  2. Hello:

    We really miss Stormer Lodge! We vacationed there July 9th through the 16th, and the fishing was incredible or as some would say “insane”!!! It is truly a fishing trip of a lifetime! We caught so MANY fish every day!!! Dave and Linda and their entire staff are such great people, and so friendly and helpful!

    Thank you for such a GREAT experience, Dave and Linda! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

    Mark, Judy, Marge, and Curt

    1. Hello:

      Yes, CONGRATULATIONS TO GARRETT!!! Garrett is an amazing person, and we are so thankful we were able to meet him, and eat our meals with him each day! Garrett is indeed our idol!!! We all hope we are able to travel and fish like him when we are 92 years old! Garrett is full of wisdom and is such an optimist! We appreciated getting to know Garrett, and have met a new friend for life!

      Take care, Garrett, and keep catching the fish! We are so thankful we had the opportunity to meet you!

      Judy, Mark, Marge, and Curt

  3. Yes. My wife and I were witnessess to Garrett and guide Mike’s success! But I am here to report our personal experience. I talked Val into a Canadian fishing trip by promising her to golf on the way home. Well, if this tells you anything, she will happily return and not with the promise of golfing. I have fished Canada since 1977, with over a hundred trips. This is my first time to Stormer Lake Lodge, and every report I read before I arrived is only superceded by our experience. I can remember my arrival and asked “what time does everyone go out to fish in the morning”, the response…after breakfast…no need to go out before…but you are welcome to do so. Well, so true. We caught over 100 walleyeseach of the first two days…..and most
    between 17 and 22 inches…with girth and strength…..we said…they have shoulders, like Green Bay Packer linebackers….the biggest, a couple of 24’s. I remember our friend Garrett getting and releasing a pair of 26 inchers. On our third day, we got out to fish after a late breakfast, and going to meet for the nice shore lunch put on by the camp staff on the lake, and we hit 52 walleyes at 12:02 pm, all heavy, nice fish….and only fished one reef. After baiting my wife’s jigs, releasing the fish, I said to her “let’s fish for northern pike after lunch, my hands are sore.”.We did, and Iwas doing pretty good with a couple of 27 inchers, only to be be beat by her 30′ incher. On our way in we made a quick stop at a weed bed, where I lost my bet for the trip….she caught a 37 inch pike, that was one of the heaviest I have seen at that length. The only thing good about leaving in July, is that I booked a September trip with my buddies, so,I will be back in a month. All I can say, is thank you Dave and Linda, for your purchase of this camp. Your hard work, the nice cabins, meals, your excellent staff, who always had a smile on there face and would do anything we asked with sincerity……thanks…..because “WE” will be back! We will always remember Daves saying “you don’t leave fish to find fish”….that’s why I am returning so soon… So I can fish the other area of the lakes…cause we didn’t have to travel far from camp to experience the CATCHING!!!

    Sincerely, Mark and Val

  4. I think about my experience at Stormer almost every day of the week. We are defiantly coming back next August and hope to add another trip in June or July. Linda and Dave are exceptional people. They love what they do and it really shows. I have been coming to Canada on fusing trips for 34 years and my experience at Stormer was my best ever. Everyone has a genuine concern for you having a great time. And, oh yes, the fishing is unbelievable. The help that everyone gave to my partners was exceptional. My friend Ray said, LES, you hit the. Gold mine on this place. No need to go any place else. From Me Gus Dave and Ray, we say thank you for your generosity and we can’t wait to get back there next year. You guys are awesome.

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