We have now finished our 3rd week of the season here at Stormer and the fishing has been nothing short if incredible. Walleyes and Pike have not disappointed with quantity or size.
The season started out with cold and rainy weather which drove Walleyes deeper in depth. We were catching Walleyes in the 15-25 feet range but also found a few as deep as 35 feet. Even though we were fishing deeper than normal for this time of year, the Walleye bite was fantastic. The average day would have guests catching 75 to 150 Walleyes per boat and most Eyes were 20 to 25 inches. We had many in the 25-28 inch range with the largest being 29 1/2 inches.
The weather since opening week has warmed up nicely and the Walleyes have come back to normal depths of 5 to 15 feet. Weeds are starting to show which means we are pounding Eyes along the reed beds in addition to rock points. This past week the weather was very stable and the quality of fishing increased even further (we didn’t think it could get better but it did). On Wednesday this past week, we had a day of fishing that I am not sure anyone will forget. The stars must have aligned just perfectly or maybe the solunar tables were on a high but is was nothing short of phenomenal. Most boats came back at the end of the day and said they sat in one spot on the lake and never moved because the Walleyes were biting all day long. We had one boat with 3 fisherman catch 218 Walleyes on Wednesday (they had clickers keeping track) and another boat with 3 people know they caught close to 300 Walleyes. Just as an example for part of the 300 Walleyes that they caught, was a 90 minute stretch were they caught 80 Walleyes. These type of numbers don’t happen every day but remember, most days we are still catching 75 to 150 Walleyes per boat per day.
Pike have also been incredible. We have had many Pike between 35 to 39 inches but 4 Pike over 40 inches have also been caught. You can catch Pike in most of the same spots that Walleyes are being caught but the big boys seem to be favoring weed lines. The favorite lures have been Johnson Silver Minnows, Mepps Spinners and Rattle Traps.

From a non fishing standpoint, we have one of our pet foxes hanging around the lodge everyday. We have named him Kirk and he is fun to watch. Our original pet fox, Stormie, showed up early in the year but has not been back since. We are hoping that she is off having pups and will be back soon.
We have also had a couple of big black furry fellows hanging around the past couple of weeks. So far they have not caused too much damage other than biting a few items such as 5 gallon buckets that have had food associated with them.

We will try and post more often with fishing reports. We hope you all post comments as well.



  1. Thanks for posting this report Dave. As you know via my emails, we’re still 3 weeks away and I’ve already lost sleep due to excitement.

    When you post next, can you mention how the incidental Bass catches have been. I know we won’t spend time targeting them but I’m curious if some are being caught. I’m guessing most will be deep though by the time we arrive.

    Thanks again for the report!!!!

    1. Hello Joe & Joe,

      Thanks for commenting. Sorry for leaving Bass out of the post. We have had some good Bass catches but they are not considered our target fish like Walleye and Pike are. However, the Bass that we are catching are huge. The majority of the Bass have been 16 to 19 inches. The Bass have come shallow now and are on the rocks and sand. We are not 100% sure if they are completely finished with spawning but they are not protecting nests like they were a few days ago. We have had some warm weather the past week which sped things up such as Bass spawn, weed growth, etc.
      We hope this helps relieve some of the pre-vacation anxiety.
      See you soon


    1. Dan,

      Good to hear from you.
      Almost any color is working this year but if we were to choose colors, chartreuse and white have been very good. If you use jigs for Walleyes, gold and chartreuse glitter jigs we have been phenomenal. We have them here at the lodge and we are converting a lot of fisherman over from trolling to jig fishing. Very slow presentation and deadly.
      See you soon.


      1. Glad to hear that jigging is still the way to catch em. My favorite! Getting very excited about our upcoming trip.
        Dean Peterson

        1. Dean,

          We look forward to your fishing (catching) trip to Stormer Lake Lodge. Fishing has been fantastic. All but one boat yesterday caught well over 100 Walleyes each. The one boat that didn’t concentrated on Pike and they caught close to 50 Pike. Our gold and chartreuse glitter jigs are working phenomenally. We will try and keep some Walleyes from getting sore lips by the time you get here.

  2. Just got back from Stormer Lodge last week.
    Excellent fishing. Jig and frozen minnow or leach worked great.
    Caught well over 100 each day with 3 of us in a boat. The biggest being a nice Small Mouth Bass 19″ and a couple of Northern Pikes in the 30″ with the largest being 39″. They are fat and healthy fish. Shore lunch was awesome and service was outstanding from the time we drove in to the time we left. Best fishing we ever experienced..the only camp on the whole lake. Good Luck, they are biting.

  3. Two great trips to Stormer this year, one in June and one in August. Our group will never go to another camp. Everyone is great and we are treated so well. The fishing is phenomenal and the service is exceptional. Love everything about Stormer. Anxious to get back next year and hope we can make two trips. A special thank you to Linda, DAVE, Kenny, Dawn, and Lorraine for your love for serving us. You guys are the best.

    1. Les,

      Thank you for the very nice post. We greatly appreciate you and your group spending time with us here at Stormer Lake Lodge. It was a pleasure as usual and a lot of fun with your guys. We look forward to next year with your group. Fishing is still going strong with many anglers catching (yanking) Walleyes all day long. Thanks again.

      Dave & Linda

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