The normal fishing season opened last week in Ontario but we decided to hold off our opener for this coming week just to better insure the potential for better weather. We know the Walleye & Pike are not going anywhere since we are the only lodge on our lake system.
We are excited for the season to start and for everyone to experience the phenomenal fishing here on Stormer and Kirkness Lakes. Our staff along with Linda and I have fished a few times this past two weeks and it has been nothing short of fantastic. And we know it will only get better as all species will get back to normal after spawning.
Linda and the girls have all the cabins in great shape and the lodge is ready for some fish stories to be told at dinner time. Kenny, Mike, Mark & I have been busy getting the boats ready at the dock and we also had time to finish a couple of larger projects. We installed a new water line out in the lake which feeds the entire camp. We also rebuilt the entire shore lunch docking system. It took 4 of us 4 long days to complete but we think it looks great.
Some of our guest have asked us if there have been any changes to fishing regulations or any new policies for crossing the border. The quick answer for both is NO. There is still a poultry ban in place but for poultry only originated from Indiana. We know Stormer guests do not have to worry about that since all meals are provided. Fishing limits and rules have not changed for 2016 but there are still rumblings about possible changes coming in 2017. We will always try and keep our guests informed to any news that is pertinent to Stormer Lake Lodge or Ontario Canada.
In addition to offering our standard frozen tubs of minnows for sale for catching Walleyes, we have been able to acquire Leeches and Nightcrawlers that we will sell at the dock. We believe that by offering leeches and Nightcrawlers at a fair price, it will potentially save our guests the hassle of buying them somewhere else and trying to keep them fresh for the week. We also hope that the cost of buying from us will average out fairly equal compared to spoilage or unused bait that our guests have purchased.
We also want to remind our guests to purchase their fishing licenses prior to arriving to the lodge. They can go online via our website homepage or stop at one of the local sporting good shops along the way up.

That is all for now. Keep watching our blog as we will try to post more regularly with weekly fishing updates. We also appreciate and look forward to your comments and feedback.

Remember, it is not fishing at Stormer Lake Lodge, it is “Catching”.

See you soon.

Dave & Linda


  1. Hello David and Linda,

    It was a lot of fun visiting the both of you at Stormer Lake Lodge last week. It was nice seeing Kenny, Dawn, Lorraine and Mike the Guide. The Lodge is fortunate to have such a great staff in place.

    I was glad to help out with the boat crib at the Shorelunch. I believe there will be many wonderful lunches, friendships renewed and made, and maybe a few fishing stories shared this summer at the Shorelunch.

    I was very pleased to be able to fish with Dave my last evening at the Lodge. We went through about eight dozen minnows in under two hours! The walleyes were just crazy that night. Most of the walleyes that night were 17-19 inches or so, with a few “shorts” and quite a few “overs”. Stormer and Kirkness Lakes boast a truly amazing walleye fishery.

    Overall, I sensed that the walleye fishing was more like what I would expect in mid-June, in view of the warm weather in NW Ontario.

    Shannon and I very much look forward to our trip to Stormer Lake Lodge this summer. I hope that your season is a great one.

    Good fishing and tight lines!!

    1. Try Gulp Alive!
      Comes in a tub of about 25 or so. It’s about 20 bucks at Cabelas. You can catch normally about 10 fish and one gulp. I think they’re better than minnow and Walleye seem to like them even better than minnows.
      Fire tiger color seems to work best but if not chartreuse and white will do well also

  2. Getting very exited about our 2 fishing trips to Stormer this year. There is not another lake and lodge in Ontario that can match your service and genuine concern for your guests. I know we will have an awesome time. You are the best

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