March 30, 2019

We were so excited for the fishing season to start at Stormer and already the first week is finished.  Time passes quickly when you are catching fish.  This past week can best be described as the tale of two weather patterns.  The week started out cold, windy and rainy and sure challenged our guests to stay out on the lake.  The fishing was excellent so it made it slightly easier to tolerate the cold wet weather.  Finally on Tuesday, the weather broke and the sun started to shine and temps increased into the high 60’s and lower 70’s.   We thought the fishing was excellent in the early part of the week with the cloud cover and cooler temps, but when the sun started to shine, the fishing went crazy.  Walleyes were deeper than normal because of the early cooler weather but when you found them, hang on because it was “Yank Time”.  Guests found their best fishing for Walleye in 22-30 feet of water.   There were some good catches in shallower water near early weeds but the higher quantity and size were deeper.  Pike also really exploded in mid week when the sun peaked.  One guest told us he has never caught so many Pike in one day in all of the 9 times he has been to Stormer Lake Lodge.  We did not crack the 40 inch mark for Pike but countless fish in the 35 to 39 inch range were caught.

Best approach for Walleye was a gold glitter jig tipped with our frozen minnows.  Leeches and Nightcrawlers also worked very well so our guests made sure they had all three baits in the boat.  Pike could not resist a Perch colored Rattle Trap or a Mepps Spinner.  Casting along the start of the weed line was the best method.  We did have a few Smallmouth Bass caught when the sun came out with two Bass reaching 19 & 20 inch lengths.

Changing gears slightly, we thought we would share a testimonial that one of our new guests wrote and gave to us the last night of his trip which was last evening.   We thought it was very special as he took the time to sit down and write it in long hand penmanship which, I have to be honest, does not seem to happen very often.

The letter reads as follows:

Dave & Linda,

Thanks for all the great hospitality on our first time visit to Stormer Lake.  The service, food and accommodations are “World Class”.

The Walleye fishing is even better that advertised.  I have fished in Canada for over 30 years and am an average fisherman at best.  The 4 of us in our group fished basically 4 full days.  We caught well over 100 fish everyday in all kinds of weather with the average size fish being around 20″.   The most impressive day was on a hot sunny (70 degree), windless day.  (not a great day to catch Walleyes typically).  My boat partner and I caught & released over 100 Walleyes by 4:30pm, and struggled to keep our 4 fish under 18″ for shore lunch.  In fact, we caught over 40 fish during one stretch during the middle of the day, and only 1 was under 18″.  The fishing couldn’t have been better. 

You will have customers for life.


Jamie.   Hudson Wisconsin

We want to thank Jamie for taking the time to write this letter and also to the rest of our guests that fished with us this past week.

We will try and post on our blog on a (semi) regular basis to tell you what is happening at the lodge and also with our fishing.

A couple of last minute notes:  Please make sure that you get your fishing license and Outdoor Card prior to arriving to the lodge.  Also, we have leeches and Nightcrawlers for sale at our lodge along with our frozen minnows.   We have tried to keep our prices low enough so it could make sense to purchase bait here at the lodge instead of having to transport your own bait.   We continuously get left over bait from guests and when the math is calculated, our bait might be a better option.

That is all for now.  If you are trying to reach us here at the lodge, please email first.   We check that fairly often.  You can leave a voicemail  message on our phone at 920-810-2491 and we will call you back.

Dave & Linda


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