2023 Newsletter Season Opener

May 9, 2023

We hope everyone is getting excited to start YANKING Walleyes and Pike at Stormer Lake Lodge.

Our fishing season opener is starting on May 20 and that day is fast approaching. Linda and I will head to the lodge this coming Thursday and we are very anxious to get the lodge ready for all of our guests. We have been reading posts online from various lodge owners and businesses in our region and the best guess for ice-out is within the next few days. Many lakes South of our lodge are already open so this should be a normal ice-out.

We are sending this email just to inform our guests of a few issues or details for your upcoming trip to Stormer Lake Lodge.

The first good news item is NO COVID REQUIREMENTS for crossing the border. This means that ARRIVECAN is no longer required. Vaccinations are not a requirement for crossing. There is also no random testing at the border. So, in other words, the border crossing should be relatively normal as pre-Covid years.

You are still required to have a VALID Passport to cross into Canada and then back into the US. We get asked quite a few times if a Drivers License or Birth Certificate will suffice to cross the border. Our normal reply is: “NO, but, you would have to call the Canadian and US border to get their response regarding non-Passport documents”.

We are not aware of any restrictions crossing the border for food or beverages. As in the past, items such as chicken as an example were not allowed but overall, this is not the case. We know this is a non-issue based on our guests being served all food while at the lodge but we want to make sure we post all issues.

There is still a restriction on bringing any bait across the border. THIS MEANS THAT NO BAIT WHATSOEVER IS ALLOWED TO CROSS INTO CANADA. This includes salted minnows, nightcrawlers, etc. We believe that synthetic looking minnows packaged in sealed plastic packages are allowed but they cannot be dead real minnows. When we cross the border this week, we will learn more about these issues. The good news is that we will have all types of bait to sell at the lodge. Minnows, Leeches and Nightcrawlers. Our prices are meant to be the same or lower than a retail shop because we buy in bulk.

The person who has made the reservation for your group should have received a Confirmation Letter from us that includes a few attachments that should benefit your trip to Stormer. (Make sure that person emails all attachment to the members of your group). These attachments include a WHAT TO BRING LIST which would include clothing and items such as a good rain suit, good boots or shoes, sunglasses, binoculars, insect spray, suntan lotion, etc. There is another attachment that describes in detail, the fishing equipment that we recommend for catching Walleye, Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Please read this attachment carefully and believe what you are reading. It is very common to hear our guests state that they do not believe that we fish with such light equipment such as fishing line and light action rods. An example is to use a 6ft Light Action Walleye rod equipped with 6-pound MONOFILIMENT line. Not 8 pound or 10-pound line but 6-pound line. We also prefer Monofilament line for Walleye over various other types of fishing line such as Spider Wire, etc. The box states on the various braided lines that a 10-pound line acts like 4-pound line but it doesn’t. We have many many years of experience catching Walleye so please believe our recommendations for all species.

You will need to buy your fishing license and Outdoor Card prior to arriving to the lodge. You can buy online by going to our website homepage and at the bottom is a link that states ONTARIO. You can also buy after crossing the border at a number of sporting goods shops in Dryden, Perrault Falls, Ear Falls and Red Lake. Email us directly and we can help you with locations.

Please remember that we do not accept Credit Cards, Venmo or PayPal type payments at the lodge. Cash, personal checks, or Travelers checks are accepted.

Our check-in day is typically Saturday and you can arrive any time after 8:00am. Check-out is the following Friday morning prior to 8:00am. We do not serve breakfast the day you arrive on Saturday but we do have a sack lunch for your mid-day meal and then a full meal for dinner. The day you leave, (Friday) there will be a cold breakfast bar setup by approx. 6:00am.

Again, we are very excited to get our fishing season started and to see you all at the lodge telling stories about big fish that you caught. If you have any questions, please email and we will respond shortly.

See you all soon.

Dave Becker
website: stormerlakelodge.com
email: stormerlakelodge@gmail.com

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